This is not a KODI plug-in

This is our own Dreamstreams Software.

No more hunting around for buffering feeds in KODI. Just choose the channel and watch.

High Quality & Less Cost

Dreamstreams IPTV will turn any Android TV box, phone or tablet into a fully functioning set-top box just like your existing set-top box but at a fraction of the cost.

HD Channels

The world’s top channels showing all your favourite content with most in seamless high definition quality.

Live Sports

The Dreamstreams package has over 900 channels and includes 167 of the world’s top Sports channel’s from around the world, showing every game and sporting event, live as they happen at the touch of a button with most in stunning HD.

EPG Programming

EPG electronic programming guide lets you search out what is on now and 7 days in advance.

Download and Install Software

Simply download and install the Dreamstreams software from this website with easy to follow instructions.

Choose Your Package

Choose the Dreamstreams package you require, and have your activation code emailed to you. Start Dreamstreams, enter your code to activate your account and all the channels.

Supports Bitcoin payments

Purchase of subscriptions with bitcoin payments. We only need an email address.

We are offering you free trial for 3 days without any cost, click the below button to signup for free trial


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